Homemade Hemp Milk

WP_20150212_013A lot of the recipes use shelled (the hard outer shell removed) hemp seeds to make smooth milk, but I use whole hemp seeds in my milk. I love eating food as ‘a whole’, as long as I can digest it, as there are usually very important nutrients like minerals and vitamins in the shell /skin. Probably you don’t mind finding gritty bits in the milk like me, as I often use this milk in porridge or smoothies. So I am more ‘eating’ than ‘drinking’ this milk. If you do mind the grittiness, however, please have a muslin cloth to separate the solid from milk, after blending.


2 tbsp whole hemp seeds

1 cup filtered water

a few dates

1 tsp coconut oil (optional)


Preferably put the seeds and dates in water and leave them overnight so that they softens. Next morning, add the coconut oil if using, then blend until you think the shells won’t be finer anymore. That’s it!

WP_20150212_012Other than porridge and smoothies, I use this milk for making cookies and sweet treats. Can be drunk on its own, too!


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