No Cooking Super Creamy Porridge

WP_20150226_005 This is what I recently discovered. My work was quite busy then and feeling tired, I didn’t have energy to think about food (which rarely happens). Then I came up with this idea of soaking all the ingredients for the porridge overnight in a plastic container and take it to work the next morning. This was a brilliant hit and every night I go to bed looking forward this porridge the next morning.

It was a very cold day I first tried this, and I was recovering from cold. But I didn’t mind eating this rather cold porridge, on a bus to work! (I eat whatever, whenever I feel like, even in public!) My excitement for this new discovery was huge.

If you prefer to eat porridge hot, you can warm it up the next morning. Also, what I love about porridge is you can put anything you like, as much as you like and everyday you can enjoy a new version of your porridge.

Here is my basic recipe. I think the key to make it creamy is using milk, instead of just water. Using water is fine when you cook your porridge to make it creamy, but I find that if you are just soaking the oats, using milk is better. Adding some tahini helps, too. This is so creamy that I eat this as a dessert or snack, too.

My basic porridge mixture:

3/4 cup porridge oats

1 cup to 1+1/2 cup hemp milk or milk of your choice, depending on how creamy you want

Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Chia seeds

Chopped dates


Let them soak overnight on a kitchen bench and it will be ready to eat.

There are various other things you can enjoy in your porridge. Any type of nuts, seeds, dried fruits. Adding some tahini, cinnamon, fresh fruits or sweetener is also wonderful.


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