Aromatic Coconut Cardamom Balls

WP_20150305_002Yesterday I and David finished a box of energy flowers which I had kept in the freezer. I had saved them for when he comes back from his travelling, and we finished the whole box. I probably ate more than I would eat in one go, but I enjoyed it and was glad that he liked the flowers 🙂 Now the stash has gone, I thought I’d make a new batch!…but something different this time.

My usual energy balls (flowers, bars etc.) include dates. I love dates and using them to sweeten whatever I am making (usually sweets). But after finishing all the flowers yesterday, I wanted to make some energy giving balls without using dates…something that is subtly sweet and more aromatic. Even though dates are natural sweeteners, I find its sweetness rather vigorous than gentle at times, comparing to grain sweeteners like rice syrup or barley malt extract. In fact, about 60% of this fruit is sugar. My body was saying it had enough dates yesterday! So I came up with this recipe.

I love the aroma from cardamom. As I was making the balls, it made me rediscover how perfect the combination of this spice and coconut is. I used Brazil nuts as they have less distinctive flavour than other nuts and I thought they would be perfect as a sub character. I wanted coconut and cardamom to be the main characters in this recipe.

This is again a very simple recipe and you only need four ingredients. These balls can be kept in the freezer, and be thawed a little before you eat.

WP_20150305_001Ingredients (makes 8 x 3 cm diameter balls):

4 cardamom pods, seeds removed from pods

1/2 cup Brazil nuts

1/4 cup desiccated coconut + extra for coating

2 tsp maple syrup


1. Grind the cardamom seeds using a pestle and a mortar, or in a grinder.

2. Grind Brazil nuts into powder, mixing it with the cardamom.

3. To the mixture add desiccated coconut, maple syrup and mix.

4. Make it into 8 balls and coat with extra desiccated coconut. Done!



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