Tomato, Fennel and Dill Refreshing Salad Pasta (a perfect pack lunch!)

WP_20150313_003Recently I am realizing more and more about this. When I have ideas or inspirations of what I want to create in the kitchen, and putting it into practice gives me SO much energy. I’ve just got to do it. It is like you know that this is for you, so I just do it, continue it, no matter what, even if I make a mistake, even if I burn my pizza in the oven, because I have no other choice but doing this, to nurture what I love and to keep watering it.

Anyway, this is what I made today. I wanted to make my pack lunch to take to work. I had some tomato and fennel salad already made in the fridge, so I cooked some pasta and mixed them together with some topping. And here it goes, a quick healthy pack lunch made in about 10 minutes!

I find having some salad made in a batch in the fridge is really helpful. When you want to make up your pack lunch or have some snack, cooking some pasta and mixing it with the salad is really an easy and quick way. And of course, I had this with my favourite homemade hoummous! 🙂


For the salad;

Fresh tomatoes, cut into chunks

Fennel, sliced thinly

Fennel seeds

Dried dill

E.v. olive oil

Sea salt

Black pepper


Wholemeal pasta (Use whatever type of pasta you like!)


Sprouted fenugreek seeds

Toasted sesame seeds

Hoummous (optional)


For the salad, simply mix all the ingredients together. Cook the pasta and mix it with the salad. Top with some sprouted fenugreek seeds, toasted sesame seeds and hoummous (if using). Enjoy!


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