So Simple So Abundant

WP_20150801_006Hi there, right now I am feeling like talking about this subject today, simplicity and abundance.

I have been staying at Shumei Natural Agricultural Farm in Yatesbury, Whiltshire. This farm is beautiful, peaceful and full of beautiful vegetables. (Read Yatesbury Farm page, too)

Everyday I wake up to the farm, work, cook and eat. What a simple lifestyle but I can’t help but feeling abundance; abundance of spending time on the farm in the early morning, feeling the air, looking at the sun behind the cloud, taking care of the vegetables, learning about farming, touching the soil, picking the vegetables, feeling them before cooking and eating. There is something so fulfilling and satisfying about this life here. This reminds me of something so core and essential in life. I feel the “everything is here” feeling and a great but invisible support, to which I am so grateful. This is a gift.


with full of fresh vegetables…

Nature tells me a lot. I can slow down and accept more easily. A lot of books tell you a lot about these things, but not in this direct way the nature does. I believe everyone have a potential ability to feel this, whether we are aware of it or not.

I thank the nature for producing the vegetables, nourish our body and let the beautiful flowers to grow. I thank that I am able to have this lifestyle now!



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