A thought on the farm

Now I am staying at Shumei Yatesbury Farm still, I often get into a thought about food from nature. Here is the one I’ve recently had.


As I lied down on the grass on a sunny day, nature felt even closer to me. There suddenly came a moment when I realized that I was part of all this ‘creation’.

As I looked closely, I saw many different, incredibly tiny insects on grass and flowers. I noticed the smell of the grass, soil and the sound of bees flying above flowers. I wouldn’t be aware of all these in my everyday life.

Everyone is created, like I was, and like we were. And everyone is living their own life, like we are. My awareness shifted from my everyday thoughts to the lives of other creatures living their own lives, and in that moment I was filled with incredible feeling of appreciation. The appreciation of me being here, as a human, feeling what I was feeling on this earth. Why humans are humans, why insects are insects, flowers are flowers, cows, and sheep…questions came one after another, but finally I realized that we are all the same, and meant to exist together, simply but complicatedly. I felt some ‘force’ was at work, which explained everything.


Next day when I worked at the farm, I suddenly saw within me, the soil was created for humans to cultivate, produce delicious food and nurture our body. Of course soil isn’t here only for us, but I’m talking about the relationship with humans.

How well it’s done, I thought in front of all deliciously looking vegetables. Isn’t it amazing that we have all these vegetables and other foods with different colour, smell, taste and texture? Nature has provided us so much already, and this is not just a coincidence. It must have been well planned.

Staying on the farm make me to say repeatedly in my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you for the delicious, nutritious vegetables. It only reinforces my idea that growing own food, eating them then nurturing our body/mind/soul is the fundamental but essence of our lives. 🙂



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