Heavenly Cashew Butter

This is one of the greatest hit for me, probably the best and simplest ever!

I love nuts and in general when it comes nut butters I always exclusively had peanut butter in my cupboard, for no reason. Then a few days ago I felt like trying other types of nut butters and started to shop online. It was not long after that that I decided it’s more fun and probably cheaper to make my own. Plenty of cashew were sleeping in my cupboard (the food drawer in my room, to be precise). The result was…rich, creamy and heavenly delicious butter. It was SO exciting to see the nuts in the blender, being blended and turned into a silky cream.

I used shop bought roasted salted cashews this time, as I happened to have a few bags of them. However, if you wanted to make a healthier version then I recommend you use raw cashews, roast them and add sea salt. Making raw cashew butter is a different process although I haven’t tried it yet. I guess just blending raw cashews won’t produce enough oil, and probably you need a dehydrator to make raw butter.

Cashews are said to lower bad cholesterol and increase good one in your blood, therefore they are good for your heart. They contain minerals and vitamins, too.

Cashew butter is so delicious that it’s been one of my addictions now.  I find myself keep going back to the cupboard to snack. This is nice on a slice of bread, dipping apple pieces and of course on it’s own. Do try making your own, its tasty, yummy and fun!


Your desired quantity of roasted salted cashews


Put the cashews in a sieve and discard as much salt as you can.

Blend the cashews in a blender (or a food processor) until you get a creamy consistency.



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