What Cooking Is for Me

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Today I’m going to talk about what cooking is for me.

As you might already know, cooking is my passion. Yes, that’s right. But there is a little more to talk about.

Cooking = Creativity

I believe every one of us is born with a gift with which you express yourself, or at least you are driven to do so. I feel at ease, comfortable and joy expressing myself through cooking and know that cooking is ‘the tool’ for me to express my inner world. It is also an expression of gratitude towards nature and the creation of mother earth.

It’s not about what others say about my cooking or dishes I make, it’s about me growing the food (when I can), imagining what to make with them, to stand in the kitchen, to feel the ingredients and to watch them being transformed into something so unique. It’s also about knowing that it is the creation manifested only through me, not others.

I believe this creative energy is expressed through various different ways in different people. For some it’s through drawing, for others through singing and there are infinite ways to do this.

Energizing and relaxing

Cooking has given me energy and it does, always. Often when mental tiredness gets me, I feel like doing nothing. But then I deliberately encourage myself to cook. I go to the kitchen, grab some ingredients that tempt me and start experimenting. I forget time. The tiredness is gone in the end and I am filled with so much energy. This play is so much fun, every single time. Being absorbed in my own world also helps me to relax and recharge.

Life Skill

I honestly think that everyone should learn to cook basic, proper and nutritious food from early age. Leading a balanced, healthy lifestyle and cooking is inseparable. Even if you have someone who always cooks for you, I think it’s definitely important to be able to produce exactly what your body is wanting. Like your body is never the same as the bodies of others, the food your body wants is different from the food that others want. And what you want changes throughout the day, every day.

I think cooking helps you build the relationship with food, become sensitive about what nurtures your body and what don’t, thus to know more about yourself. It has helped me in this way and I believe this is a life skill that everyone should learn.

I love eating and feeling my body being nurtured.

And I can’t go without mentioning that cooking is also the expression of love. I love cooking for others and sharing the snacks I make with someone who loves to eat it. Sharing makes me feel so abundant.

What is cooking for you?

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