Sun Dried Tomato and Olive Pate

WP_20151021_021 (3)

On our farm, tomato plants are coming to the end of the season now (still loads more there though!). They have produced so many delicious tomatoes this year, satisfied and surprised the taste of many of us, from kids to elderly. They worked really hard. These tomatoes surprised me the most with its incredible sweetness of all the vegetables on the farm, well, on the planet.


What I am using in this recipe is sun dried tomatoes. By impulse as usual, I bought organic sun dried tomatoes in bulk. They are good on snacking as they are, or to be used to add saltiness and depth of flavour to a dish. If you like meaty texture this might be in your favour.

This pate can be used to spread on savoury biscuits, mixed in with pasta or cooked vegetables (like the picture below). Also I often snack on this as it is.  The combination of saltiness from tomatoes and sweetness from agave is so yummy. You must try this!

WP_20151105_002 (2)(1)


50g pitted kalamata olives

100g sunflower seeds

100g sun dried tomatoes

150g sunflower oil (use olive oil if you have)

1.5 tbsp agave or other sweeteners


Blend everything.


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