How to make your own Coconut Butter

WP_20151005_003 (2)Hello. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing my last month’s discovery.

I am a big big fan of coconuts. I use coconut oil in my porridge everyday, spread it on my toasts and make energy bars. I love putting coconut butter in the end of cooking when I make curry. It makes the whole taste milder. I put raw coconut chips into my home made muesli, which will be introduced on my blog soon. Oh and I use it to make my own night & day skin cream. They should come up on the blog, too in future.

To make your own coconut butter, you only need one ingredient. Yes, it’s coconut chips! I used to buy creamed coconut in cartons from shops, but rarely found organic one without any additives. I suppose this will not surprise you any more but I had a huge bag (3 Kg) of raw organic coconut chips. One day I thought ‘what happens if I blend this?’ this is how I discovered. Making your own from coconut chips works out cheaper, too, if you use coconut butter often, and definitely it saves you some space…:-)


Coconut chips (I think dessicated coconut works, too even though I’ve never tried)


Blend in a blender until it becomes butter.

WP_20151005_010 (2)


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