Being a Vegan

On the farm next to ours I recently heard cows screaming for days after they were separated from their calves. I felt disgusted, sad and angry about what was happening. I felt what it would be like for animals to be treated that way. It must be horrible. What frustrates me is that it is us humans that are causing this. And what is even more frustrating that I didn’t feel I could share this feeling with people around me.

Not many people don’t want to know when they feel the way they already live is in threat. I know that feeling, I get resistant when I feel someone is trying to force his/her idea onto me or change me. It must be the same for a lot of animal eaters when they encounter vegans trying to speak out their vegan ideas.

However, if you take one moment…to feel those animals that are abused, bullied, squashed in little cages, separated from family and friends, killed, cut up into pieces purely to be put on a plate of pleasure and ignorance.

To me it’s so simple and nothing could be more natural to NOT want to take part in this violence. I could come up with various reasons like pollution for example. But even these explanations seem pointless as to me it seems to be such a basic part of being a human to feel the pain of animals and the world itself. I’m sure at least once we all have felt someone else’s pain.

If all this was happening towards humans then it will draw a lot of attention and we will blame and punish the doers, won’t we? If your kids were bullied you will feel disturbed and try to do something about it, won’t you? Then why is it ok with animals? I am genuinely unable to understand how people are NOT able to feel this animal suffering that’s happening in a huge scale, every second of the day. I get frustrated to be surrounded by so many people who are happy eating animals and live their life as if they have nothing to do with the fact animals are being killed for them. The more I feel the suffering of animals, the more distance I feel from those who choose to eat them. In fact, it is not the people themselves but it is more of the ignorance, indifference and the lack of care for other creatures that exist in them. I sometimes feel sad not being able to connect with those around me on this level. I am sometimes fed up with being treated as someone special among animal eaters.


I think, why vegans are refused and resisted is because they are trying to show our most natural and probably the best quality as humans, which is sadly against how the world is now, in which most animal eaters are conditioned.

Isn’t it simple to not want to harm other creatures including humans? If so, why do we continue this?







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