Making Your Own Skin Creams

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Today I want to show you how you can make your own skin creams and how easy it is. I have been using my hand made creams for about 2 years now, and have to admit that they are the best creams I’ve ever used.

Since I came to the UK spending more time in nature I’ve wondered why we need to put so many stuff on our face. When I look at the ingredients of face/body creams sold in shops, there are so many things on the list that I’ve got no idea of what they are! Skin is a part of my body and I want to feed it with the food as natural as possible.

When I was teenager until early twenties, I kept trying so many various skin creams from different companies, dreaming the nice smooth skin, only to find none of them really worked. Now I realize that eating good food and the lifestyle are the best contributing factors for beautiful skin.

Olive oil is such a fantastic moisturiser and I believe that the fact it’s edible means it’s safer to put on your skin than other non food grade oils or butters. I truly truly feel that my skin doesn’t want anything that’s got 30 different unknown ingredients.

I use sweet almond oil, too, but this is just because I had it handy. This oil is thin and my body absorbs it quite easily. Probably I prefer olive oil to this oil, considering the fact that it’s edible.

There are a few basic ingredients I always use, but there’s no exact ‘how much of what’ to use. When I make the cream I do it by feeling, and if it turns out too runny or too hard, I melt it again and adjust by putting a little more of some of the ingredients.

The major ingredients I use are….

Shea butter (I use pure organic unrefined)

Cocoa butter (I use pure organic unrefined)

Coconut oil (I use raw organic unrefined)

Extra virgin olive oil or Sweet almond oil

Vanilla essential oil (or any essential oil of your choice)

So, there are 2 types of creams I use every day and I will show you how to make them.

Night Time Cream

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I tend to use this only at night time as the oil can make your skin more susceptible to sun burn, especially in summer.

What you will need:

A glass or metal jar (heat resistant)

Shea butter

Cocoa butter

Coconut oil

Extra virgin olive oil or sweet almond oil

Vanilla oil extract (optional)


I would usually fill half the jar with shea butter, a little less coconut oil and e.v. olive oil. Few drops of vanilla essential oil in the end.

Bring the water to boil in a pan, then place the jar in the water until all the ingredients melt completely. Stir with a clean stick to make an even mixture. Take the jar out of the water then leave to set at a room temperature.

Day Time Cream (can be used as Sun Cream, too)

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Shea butter and coconut oil are both said to be effective to protect your skin from the sun. This cream is so good for keep your skin moisturised. And this cream is made just these two ingredients. Can’t be simpler, can it?

What you will need:

A glass or metal jar (heat resistant)

Shea butter

Coconut oil


In a jar put both shea butter and coconut oil. I use more shea butter than the oil. The rest is the same as night cream. Melt them and leave it to set.


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