What I Eat and A Diet

WP_20151111_001 (3) ()Today I’d like to talk about what I eat.

‘No rules’, this one word probably summarises it. By this word I don’t mean I eat anything, any time. This means that I eat what I feel like putting into my body when I feel like. I don’t count calories or how much proteins or sugars I’ve taken in a day. My diet consists of a lot of vegetables, grains, pulses, fruits, nuts, seeds and of course, snacks!

Let me tell you how my breakfast has changed over the last few months.

WP_20151108_002 (3) ()

Chocolaty Oaty Pudding

In summer up until October, I was eating a big bowl of porridge with coconut oil and peanut butter. (Yum!) It was eaten usually at around 8 or 10, to fit into my work schedule. I eat porridge throughout the year, but as a breakfast I ate it more in summer.

Then in November, as we started to harvest lots of cabbage on the farm and I fell in love with them. I was actually crazy over them…so my breakfast was cooked cabbage, every day, with some soy sauce and apple cider vinegar. I thoroughly enjoyed the soft, sweet abundance every single time and I felt the privilege to be able to eat the big amount of fresh cabbage every morning. Every single day I used to wake up with a slight excitement about eating the fresh cabbage. I am not exaggerating.

And this month, I haven’t been eating breakfast much. I might grab a banana or an orange, but my body just doesn’t want to eat until about mid day. I am eating porridge more in the evening.

WP_20150914_004 (2)

Red Quinoa, Baby Carrots and Kale in Sesame Sauce


What I eat keeps changing. Even the above was the rough routine and I didn’t decide to follow it and I ate something else on some days. Some foods that seems wired for others may work for you. Actually for the last few days I ate a big bowl (or bowls) of home made muesli with a lot of dairy free milk as a evening meal. Soooo yummy!

About 10 days to a week before period I usually want to eat brown rice, so I do, a lot. This fact reminds me that I am a Japanese…I feel like eating a lot of sweet things in this phase, too, sometimes chocolate, sometimes fruits, sometimes cakes etc..

WP_20151017_013 (5) () ()

I love eating…

I don’t feel that you should eat foods that you think you should, to the point it takes away your joy. Saying this I never recommend people living on junk foods, too frequent eating out or too much meat, dairy or sugar. I never agree with eating animals or dairy for ethical reasons. Trying to follow a certain diet to fit into a category, is just not interesting. I do eat too much of something, like bread on occasions and I adjust my diet the following day by naturally not eating as much, knowing my body needs some rest from digestion. But when I eat I do so without feeling guilty and I love toasts with coconut oil melted on top! This is heavenly and please try it if you haven’t!

WP_20151028_003 (2)

Fusilli Pasta with lots of Kale


Everyone is different and all we really need is to find what suits you, to make you feel really good from inside. All I can say is that what I eat now works really well for me, and hope you find one that suits you. You can cook some of my recipes or others’, steal the ideas from from cookery programmes and experiment. This way you will have ‘your own diet’ that truly works for you. 🙂





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