Turmeric Milk

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Since the end of the last year, I’ve been looking after my body more. I’m going to write about what made me do so in a separate post, but for now I’m sharing this drink. It makes me feel warm and comfortably fills my stomach. So good when you don’t feel like eating or you’re recovering from any digestive problems.

Turmeric has so many benefits to your health as well as it’s medicinal. Anti-inflammatory, high in anti-oxidants, anti-cancer etc..just to name a few. Enjoy this nourishing drink😊

Ingredients (for 1 serving):

1 tbsp turmeric powder, preferably organic


Milk of your choice (I used almond milk)

Sweetener such as rice syrup or agave syrup (optional)



1. In a sauce pan, put turmeric powder and a little water and cook on a medium heat, keep stirring, to make a paste. Continue cooking for a few minutes.

2. Add a cup of milk, or milk and water and mix. (I used half water and half milk. If you like creaminess then use just milk.) Warm it up by keep stirring until you get a golden coloured milk.

3. Pour in your cup. Add some sweetener of your choice.

Adding some coconut oil makes it richer and creamier, too 😉















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