My Tips for Healing Your Gut

12540558_1099762436709440_8345198487357626625_nAs mentioned in my last post, I’ve decided to look after myself more. In trying to do so, I changed what and how I eat. It was not only the diet that’s changed but also some of my lifestyle habits. Here are the tips I made for healing my gut.

  1. Cook grains (such as brown rice and whole rolled oats) really well with plenty of water, until almost liquid. Grains when cooked this way is incredibly comforting and I felt it was good for my colon, too.
  2. Eat 2 or 3 types of vegetables at a time, no more than that. Less and simple is easier for the stomach. I don’t believe you need to eat lots and lots of varieties of vegetables in a meal for a healthy body.
  3. Drink a cup of warm water after waking up and try be hydrated throughout the day.
  4. Use little or no seasoning (e.g. just a sprinkle of sea salt) and taste the food itself. I lived on this type of food for the first week or so. I still do, sometimes. Steamed potatoes and carrots with a bit of sea salt is really delicious and so calming to my body. It was a treat. I felt as if I was becoming one with the vegetables.
  5. Relax by having a bath, lying down, listening to music or doing nothing etc.
  6. Eat meals when I feel hungry and don’t snack just because I want to put something in my mouth. At the moment 2 meals/day I find is enough. I used to snack  during the day but I realized it was disrupting my digestion. Having a good interval (5 to 6 hours) in between meals I feel my stomach can digest food better. Of course, this will change depending on the activity level during the day.
  7. Do not over eat. Now I am consciously not stuffing myself too much, I realized I was easily over eating which made the digestive process so slow and sluggish.
  8.  Stay away from hard, dry, baked food or wheat products. I just don’t feel like eating them any more. I re-discovered so many delicious, truly nourishing foods.
  9. In the morning, squat down for 10 minutes in the bathroom even if you don’t feel like ‘going’.  I adjust my routine to have this moment. This sometimes works for me!
  10. Some yoga stomach exercise (uddiyana bandha) and breathing exercise.
  11. Exercise and do asana. Running, cycling, walking, stretching…Moving my body especially by a vigorous exercise really makes a difference with body and mind. I feel more energy physically and mentally.
  12. Eat fermented foods. I eat more miso and made some saurkraut as my research said so. Although I have not had a significant difference by eating those foods yet, I feel much better eating real foods than buying a pro-biotic capsules to feed good bacteria in my gut.
  13. Green drink in the morning.  Every morning I blend a few dark green kale leaves, lemon juice, a ginger piece, water and drink it. Really detoxing, nourishing and I find myself more focused and awake during the day. Also my energy level is more stable. I know so many people love juicing and I’m sure it’s good for you. However, I don’t like the idea of juicing. I want to take the whole vegetable, not extracting some substances. To me vegetables are gifts from nature andI kind of feel like showing my appreciation by eating the whole part of the veggies.

I am not saying all these will work for you, but maybe some will. Please try out these tips and feel for yourself! I am also still discovering what works for me. Sustaining the health is a life-long journey. But I believe we can feel better and better, as long as we want to. 🙂


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