10 things that happened when I went vegan

I decided to become a vegan when I was on Macrobiotic Study Course at Kushi Institute Europe in 2o10.

1. Got more creative with cooking

Going vegan naturally made me more creative with cooking. Because there is no traditional recipe to follow, I create the recipes from scratch according to what I feel is tasty. You might think vegan cooking is limiting but in fact it’s the opposite. It makes you think more about how you can prepare a delicious dish.  You’ll be surprised!

2. My body feels better

This is not only because of my diet but of other lifestyle changes, I admit, but I lost weight and feel much lighter inside. I used to weigh heavier and had constipation problem very often which has almost disappeared now. Eating too much of veggies doesn’t put too much burden on my body as meat/fish/dairy do.

3. Inexpensive food

Unless you load your diet with various supplements and super foods from the other side of the planet, vegan diet cost you so little. Grains, pulses, seeds, nuts, oil..you can buy them in bulk and they will last you for ages.

4. More harmonious with animals, environment thus with myself

I feel the cows and sheep in the field are friends who want to live their own life to full, just like us. I am happy that I am not doing anything to go against the feeling.

5. My skin is better

I used to have rough skin on my cheeks which I was annoyed with especially during my teens, but it’s very smooth now, thanks for all the nutrient rich foods!

6. Be seen as strange/extreme

This is an on going challenge for me. All my family (they’ve got used to me being a vegan now), friends, people I’ve met…they have at least once treated me as a strange/extreme person being a vegan. I hope this categorization will disappear and will be replaced with more understanding and compassion for animals.

7. My taste bud changed

This might not be necessarily because of veganism. But as I started to appreciate the nature’s abundance more,  I wanted to taste the food more. Most of the time, I don’t load the dish with so many types of seasoning. If a carrot was created, I want to be able to taste it in the state when it comes out of the earth. Having a sharper taste bud means that I can taste subtle flavours.

8. Feeling of separation from others who don’t understand veganism

I have occasions when I feel this. The more I lean towards protecting animals and not wanting to kill them, the more I feel separated from those who continue to eat animals, as I don’t understand the action. I have to continuously remind myself that not everyone see things the same way, and I was also ignorant in the past, even though I truly believe now that stopping this violence needs to be the priority for all of us humans.

9. Love of nut butters

I know, again this is not necessarily because of being a vegan. However, my desire to eat nuts certainly increased since I stopped eating animal products. I was at one point into peanut butter, which I make my own now, and right now I have a slight addiction to cashew nut butter. I love almond butter, too. They are super super delicious!

10. Happier with a little things…

Especially now I work on the farm, it genuinely makes me happy just to sometimes think about a carrot, for example. I thank the vegetables for growing with the particular tastes, with each different colours and wonky shapes, nurturing our body…humans cultivated them in the process, but we didn’t ‘create’ it in the beginning. This miracle is the power of the universe and I have an underlying, never ending gratitude towards this. And I tell you, the idea of thanking the vegetables would have looked stupid in the past!




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