How to Eat Healthy When You’re Out

For those of you who love eating healthy and cheaply, I am sharing my tips today.

I have much less interest in eating out than most people. Please don’t get me wrong, I do admire people providing their gorgeous food in restaurants, cafes and I love their passion. However, I never feel 10 pounds for a meal is worth it. It makes me think, ‘with the 10 pounds, I could buy a few bags of nuts or make several healthy meals.’ I just don’t have much interest in eating a meal out.

Food is a major tool for socializing in this modern day, but if I do so I’d rather invite people to my house and eat freshly cooked food, or do ‘everyone brings a dish’ gathering. When you eat out, often the food is cooked and left for a while, maybe with reheating with purchase. The freshness of the food is really important to me as it affects my digestion thus mood. Although I may occasionally buy some snacks such as samosas (Indian food is always tempting!), I rarely eat out. If you eat at home, you can eat exactly what your body wants and as much as you need for a little money. I truly truly think fresh, home cooked food is the best for my body as well as for my wallet. What more can you ask for? Nourishing out body is an every day thing, so it shouldn’t be super expensive.

However, eating every meal at home is a luxury for most people. You think you want to eat healthy, but it kind of slips away when you are just too busy, or not motivated to do so enough. So here are my tips for eating healthy when you’re out.

1.Take some fruits.

WP_20160207_005 (2)

If I am not sure when I am coming back home, I usually take more than 2 fruits. This way you can get away with reaching out to unhealthy, expensive snacks. I even buy a bunch of bananas in shops…

2. Take a food flask.

WP_20160208_002 (2)

I have a o.5 L food flask which I’ve had for the last 6 years, and can’t tell you how useful this is. I usually put some oats, hot water with dried fruits, nuts and seeds. By the time you are hungry it’s done! Sometimes I take some rice. If you cook some brown rice half way in a pan, put it in the flask with leafy greens, toasted sesame seeds, chopped ginger and soy sauce, the flask will do the rest of the cooking and this is so tasty!

3. Take a bottle of water or tea made in a flask.

WP_20160207_010 (2)

If I’m going out in a car, I take my 1.0 L flask with some herbal tea in it. However, if I’m on foot and it’s too heavy to carry, I’ll just take some water in a smaller glass bottle. Buying a bottled water from shops doesn’t seem ethical or economical!

4. Take some energy bars/balls.


They are easy to carry and pop into your mouth. Make sure you don’t take too many though! Refer to my recipes All In One Fig CubesDates & Nuts Energy Flowers and Swirls.

5. Bag up some carrots or whatever veggies you can eat raw.

WP_20160207_009 (2)

Carrots, celery, cucumber, leafy greens…whatever veggies, take them with you.

6. Take some nut butter in a container.


I am crazy about cashew nut butter at the moment, but any nut butter will do. You don’t have to satisfy your stomach with only sweet stuff. Put some nut butter in a little container and carry a spoon.

7. Hoummous is the king!


Probably you already know, hummous is so useful. You can dip your veggies or eat it with slices of bread. It’s so healthy and fills you up. Try making your own at home with my recipe My Deliciously Simple Hoummous.

8. Take some extra porridge mix when staying overnight.

WP_20151205_005 (2)

I do this every time I stay overnight somewhere. If you take the mixture made with oats, dried fruits, nuts and seeds then all you need to do the next morning is to leave them with some hot water in a flask to cook. How simple is this??

9. Remind yourself how good it feels when you eat healthy.

There are a lot of temptations out there. I do get tempted even if I am carrying all the foods from home. However, every time I do, I remind myself how good and happy I feel when I eat freshly cooked food, and I can easily let go of the temptation. I think if you are hungry and don’t have any food with you, you’ll likely go with the temptation. So, carry your food!

10. Buy a tub of hoummous and some veggies or bread

This is the last resort when you don’t have time to prepare the food to take. I would say hoummous is probably the healthiest option to buy. Buy some veggies or wholegrain bread to dip. Always try buying the food unprocessed or less processed.

This post is not to say you should never eat out, as I know eating out has lots of benefit in itself. This is just my way and is about helping those who want to eat healthier with less to spend. Healthy outing! 🙂



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