What Yoga Brings to Me

WP_20160309_002 (2)This post is about my wondrous thoughts about yoga these days…

Everyday, whether it’s 15 minutes or 1 hour I put my yoga mat down on the floor. Asana and breathing exercises are my main daily routine and sometimes I just do them without any intention, but other times it’s to relax myself, exercise my body, or to bring me back to ‘the centre’.

Recently the morning light comes through the window just when I wake up, and I get myself ready for the yoga.

The asana usually starts from sun salutation, and I look at the mirror as I practice. Then I notice that with more rounds, the self image I see in the mirror starts to change. The stiffness, tiredness, sleepiness…whatever I may be feeling or seeing in the mirror in the first round gradually diminishes, being replaced by the feeling of beauty, surrender, being in love, God or divine, whatever you call it, which pours out naturally, so effortlessly… I notice my thoughts being transformed. My body starts to find its strength, as if all the cells in my body are being energized.

How, even a brief practice can make a great shift in my awareness sometimes seems so magical. And I thank that I met yoga in this life, how it transformed my life, that it’s part of my life now, that I can experience myself in this state, how it showed me the way to love my body and how it changed my life. Beyond words.:-)



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