Natural Farming, a Nameless Farming

WP_20160314_012The other night just when I was getting ready for sleep in bed, the image of vibrant chard on our farm vividly popped up in my head.

With my eyes closed, I found myself just feeling the nutrition and energy filled, beautifully coloured plant, which never stopped growing even throughout the winter.

With the green vegetables being scarce on our winter farm, I almost entirely relied on chard for its source. I picked the leaves every few days, and they kept growing even in winter. Smaller leaves grew into bigger ones, and I could find the tiny new leaves just popped out their head, every time I stepped into the chard area.

I know, there are ‘principles’ of natural farming, such as ‘no chemicals, no fertilizers, no pesticides nor animal manure’. However, in repeating this to explain the farming to people, I started to feel that even these principles  are just ‘a box’ to fit into, somewhat superficial, and doesn’t quite explain the farming. The essence of natural farming and the growing vegetables must lie somewhere beyond these words…

Coincidentally, on the same night lying in bed, I suddenly wondered why we humans try so hard, I mean, why we strive for so many things, as if we are never satisfied…Who asks us to be like this? Nobody. Then for one moment, I felt like dropping every thoughts and feelings, not only what we define as bad, but also goods, so really, everything, to be in the space beyond.

I think there are still this underlying concept in our society that ‘the harder you try, the better or happier you become’ or ‘always look for improvements’, etc…however, what I see by looking at the chard is that, no matter what you do, who you are, which state you are in, how much you try, something beyond your effort is always, constantly at work, and this is inevitable. The force is the same force which created the universe, planets, the earth, the sea, animals, plants, humans and which makes our chard grow. I believe this force is what is called God, and God does not expect us to do something or be someone. In fact, God expects us nothing and certainly never hate or like us. It purely exists everywhere. I don’t know how to put this, but if God wanted one thing, it is for us to find it in ourselves.

WP_20160314_006 (2)I believe we humans can notice and find the force, or God, in ourselves. I believe the happiness comes from this knowing and how much we appreciate it. I see that, when our desires, wants, needs to strive are removed, the force reveals itself to us. Once  we tune ourselves into the state beyond the desire for money, status, popularity, recognition, even the strives for personal, spiritual growth or the want to become a better person or a parent, we can see the power of God lies right within us. The breath, the sun, the colour of our skin, the shape of our hands, the plants,the landscape…it is so easy to not to take notice of these ordinary things and take them for granted. However, even the tiniest, simplest and subtlest is the work of creation and the manifestation of God. Whether we notice them, appreciate them and are able to see them as miracles, I believe, leads our internal abundance. It’s so powerful to know it and it’s been so overwhelming to feel it in my heart and whole body at times. But I realize that this bliss is the sign that we are connected to God, no matter what.

Going back to the essence of natural farming,it is to let God and nature do its work, and we humans assist, knowing and trusting the force is at work. We work hand in hand. Natural farming is not just about the practicality of ‘not adding anything to the soil’ or doing or not doing this or that. It is the depth of one’s appreciation for the miracle that manifests on the entire earth, even within a seed. This farming is so simple, so pure but so deep. Instead calling this simple, ordinary but deep practice ‘natural farming’, I’d rather call it ‘a nameless farming’. A name can not contain it all…

In leaving the farm where I’ve stayed for 8 months, I can’t tell you how much I’d miss the land, the vegetables and the people here. I was constantly warmed and nurtured. The vegetables reminded me of home, and they were always looking at us with such a gentle love and care… It was as if the kindness of the farmers is transferred then transformed into the delicious vegetables. It certainly nourished my body and I am 300% sure that I was the one who ate the most vegetables.

The farmers continue their practice with the wish to bring more happiness and health to us and the planet through natural farming. And they are my great friends.

I wish that this farm will thrive even more, and more of you know about it.

If you have any questions, interests or anything you’d like to share, please let me know.

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