Banana and Mango Ice Cream

My staple fruits are bananas and oranges. I can be quite happily satisfied with them two 95 % of the time. But you know, you occasionally get moments when you want to try something different, don’t we?

I bought a couple of mangos that had a reduced price tag the other day, and went for it. Ummm they taste delicious, don’t they? I never stop appreciating the unique flavour and texture each food has!

Probably a lot of you already know how to make banana ice cream. This time, I just wanted to see what happens if I process mangos the same way I do with bananas when making ice cream.

It turned out delicious, of course, because they are just beautifully tasty fruits on their own.  Why not try adding mangos into your regular banana ice cream making ceremony?


Your desired amount of bananas, peeled and sliced

Your desired amount of mangos, peeled and chopped roughly


1. Freeze the banana and mango overnight.

WP_20160423_001 (2)

2. The next day, put them in a blender or food processor then blend until you get CREAMY, BEAUTIFULLY SILKY, SMOOTH ice cream.

WP_20160423_003 (2)I recommend you to defrost (5 minutes at room temperature) the fruits a little before blending because if they are rock hard they might damage the blades. Decorate with whatever topping you like, such as nuts, seeds, sweetener or some more fresh mango!

WP_20160423_015 (2)


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