After My First Event at Absolutely Vegan Festival Cardiff

So my first stall ever finished last Sunday at Cardiff DEPOT.

The venue had a different atmosphere from other events I had been. My stall was placed in a spot in front of an ornamental tree.

IMG_20160515_110826057_HDR (2)


It was the first time to sell my seed balls. So those who ate them at the event, what you ate were the ones that made their debut in the world! I  was very happy to see people actually tasting my seed balls-the recipe I created through a whole year with many many trials and errors.

IMG_20160515_110908867 (2)WP_20160515_011 (3) ()

IMG_20160515_110901691 (2)

Thank you very much for those who visited my stall. Thank you for letting me join the event, Sue, and thank you David for helping me with so many things throughout the process.

We drove from Bristol to the venue, so to take advantage of it we went to Brecon Beacons after the event. I love Welsh landscape!

See you again 🙂


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