Spectaclar North Wales

I have been in Llyn peninsula in North Wales for the last 3 weeks. Yes, it’s near Snowdonia and the house I am staying is in a very remote area with the closest neighbour about ½ mile away.

Since the beginning of the stay, the nature here has kept surprising me with its beauty…Most of my life in the UK has been spent in the countryside and every place has its own beauty. However, this area is beyond it. This is probably the best and my favourite countryside I have ever visited. It is so unspoiled, wild, uncivilized and serine. I love being able to cycle to a few beautiful beaches where you see almost nobody but ourselves as well as the hills and mountains covered with thick greenery. The landscape in Wales is somewhat similar to that of Japan.

We drove around the coast of peninsula today and just looking at the scenery from the window filled my heart. Such a grateful feeling to be surrounded by this vast nature and finding myself just in it.

Here are some pictures I took.





WP_20160617_012 (2)

WP_20160627_001 (2)


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