Immersed in Nature and the Creation

It is such a wonderful and beautiful season now in England. I am in Stroud at the moment. Every morning, waking up to the beautiful colours of trees and the valley reflecting the sunlight makes me feel how fortunate I am to be seeing this with my eyes.

I was cycling from the house into the valley the other day. Watching the scenery along the road – the greenery of the valley, woods, houses, leaves that are just about to turn red and the paths…suddenly I felt  a sense of warmth, in my heart then it expanded. It was as if I was held secure in this entire creation. It reminded me so directly that I am part of this whole thing, we all came from the same place and go back together, everything that exist on this earth and in the universe.



Recently, I find myself in a relentless wonder from time to time. How come I came here as a human and what for the whole existence of the universe started. Then there comes a longing for freedom. It comes from a space within me which is not a particular part of me but it is somewhere I merge into and where I don’t feel “I”. There I long to be free from everything, not from any particular things or conditions, but from all the feelings, thoughts, trying, struggles, even the happiness, joy and bliss. And it feels like the existence itself is limiting, with this human body and mind.

Holding this wonder at the back of my mind, as I was going up the road deeper into the valley, I realized none of the creation on the earth was made the same. The colour, the pattern and the shape of two leaves are never identical, every wind blows differently…the cells, the blood in our body keep regenerating and circulating…every single thing on the earth is unique, including us humans. Isn’t this amazing? And it is also amazing to just feel the force that caused all this which is beyond our comprehension. But we surely do feel it within us.


WP_20161004_030 (2).jpgI felt that I came here in the same way as the trees and everything else came here, so, in that way we are all together and connected. Knowing this brought me a great relief, and to me this is the security which will always be within us. Nature reminds me of the connectedness, togetherness and the mystery of the force that is at work through us and in all the existence…

After a deep wonder? Now it’s time to cook up some good food to nourish our body 🙂



2 responses to “Immersed in Nature and the Creation

  1. Absolutely beautiful Naoko – just like you – inside and out. Thank you for sharing your inner landscape in such an honest and encouraging way. I shall definitely head into the woods tomorrow – to celebrate my birthday!


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