Naoko’s Wholesome Kitchen was born naturally out of Naoko’s passion for healthy food
that optimizes our health and well-being. Everything is vegan  and some of which are gluten-free. Organic, wholesome ingredients are used as much as possible and absolutely no artificial colours or chemicals! My origin, Japanese elements are incorporated in cooking, too. You will find us at various events, markets and Naoko’s Wholesome Kitchen products will be in shops around Bath & Bristol. Keep an eye on the events page.


I am originally from Japan and spent most of my life there. My search for food that makes our health and feel good started in my early 20s and it never seems to end! I love having fun creating delicious recipes using natural foods and tasting each unique flavour that nature provides us. As I changed my diet and lifestyle, my body and the way I see the world changed in a way I’d never expected. I’d like to share with you what I learned throughout my journey towards health, as well as my tasty recipes!