Cooking Lessons in Your Home

I offer cooking lessons in your home. I can hold lessons just for you, or bring your friends to learn this unique, delicious and healthy vegan cooking! A small group/one-to-one session means you will be assisted in depth with lots of practice in a relaxed atmosphere

Sushi Making Lesson

(about 3 hours)

Sushi is so versatile. It can be eaten as your normal meal, or you can impress others at your dinner parties

In this lesson you will learn how to prepare sushi rice, make 3 types of rolls (big, small and inside out rolls), gunkan (boat) and Temaki (hand rolls) as well as creative filling recipes. Let your creativity take off!

£160 for 1 to 4 people

(Ingredients included)

Vegan Snack Making Lesson 

(about 3 hours)

Snack plays a key part in maintaining your energy throughout the day. But you want to be putting something delicious and healthy. I believe that snack making is an essential and very fun part of cooking. You will learn various creative recipes using healthy wholesome ingredients. Energy bars, delicious raw desserts, cookies, drinks and more!

£160 for 1 to 4 people

(Ingredients included)

Bespoke Lessons

I can organize a lesson that just meets your needs: for example, the basic Japanese cooking, ‘how to make tempura’ lesson, and vegan pizza making

Please contact me with your requests 🙂