Shumei Natural Agriculture Yatesbury

7月12日 IMG_0270

This is such a magical, healing place for me. People on this farm grow variety of vegetables using Natural Farming method, which means they use no chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or animal manure. This is not just an organic method.

I’ve always believed that to grow your own vegetables, adding something (wether it’s compost or animal manure) to the soil is good and necessary. But their method showed me that healthy vegetables can grow without these, just in the soil.

IMG_0526world peace - CopyThe vegetables on the farm look so alive, as if they are trying to express themselves fully, with its own uniqueness and personality.

As soon as I step into the farm, I get high being surrounded by all the adorable vegetables. I’m not joking here! This is not explainable or understandable intellectually, but just happens.

I was surprised at first how dense the taste of their vegetables were. I think it’s because the nutritious level is so high that they taste so rich. It happened to me one day, the day after I ate their vegetables, I could really feel my body was ‘nurtured’. It was as if all the cells in my body were satisfied and saying ‘I’m happy!’. It may be the love and care that the farmers put into their vegetables that made me feel this way, which I believe it is.

IMG_0218The farm provides their vegetables to Matters Organic, Chi Wholefoods and Earthbound in Bristol.

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